Friday, March 29, 2013

Do you like biscuits with your coffee?

She was very old and looked very frail, sitting in a chair in the corner of the lounge room near a big window. It may have been a rocking chair but I am not quite sure.  She had a crochet blanket over her knees.  She reached under the blanket and in her long bony fingers she produced a 20 cent piece, which she gave to me with a crooked smile, wishing me a happy birthday.

I thought she was a very friendly and nice lady for giving me money for my birthday, when I didn't even know her.  I was turning 6 years old and this is my only memory of my Great Grandmother, Agnes Scott.

We had travelled to Adelaide for the Scott Family Reunion in 1973.  Agnes Scott was 87 years old. 

I am standing next to my Great Grandmother, Agnes Scott (seated).  It was the first and only time that I met her but you can tell that I am comfortable with her.  She must have given me the 20 cents before this photo was taken!

After my Great Grandfather died in 1943 as a result of a hit and run accident, my Great Grandmother, Agnes Scott, operated a Tea House on Waterfall Gully Road, Burnside, South Australia.

The following is a page of biscuit recipes from her cook book.
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Waterfall Gully Road, Burnside
Great Grandmother Agnes Scott operated a Tea House from her home

I believe that this is the same house in more recent times.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

April Blogging from A-Z Challenge

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Writing a post every day during April (except Sundays) will be very challenging for me, but I aim to keep my posts short and simple.

My theme will be "An A-Z of my favourite websites for family history research".  

The posts will be most interesting to those who are new to researching their family history or would like to begin looking for their ancestors (particularly in Australia and UK).

At present, there are 978 people signed up for the challenge, who will blog about a variety of different topics over the month.  I tend to read genealogy posts primarily so it will be a good opportunity to visit and read alternate posts.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Great Grandmother Scott's Recipe Book

My Great Grandfather, William Adam Bisset Scott, was riding his bicycle home when he was hit by a car.  Initial reports indicate that he was taken to hospital "with slight concussion and severe leg lacerations" but he later died from "extensive injuries sustained".  

The Adelaide Advertiser
20 September 1943
Source Trove

So what does this have to do with recipes you may be wondering? 

From what I was told, Agnes operated a tea house after the death of her husband and she was a wonderful cook.

Norm Schnaars, Agnes Schnaars, Walter Scott,
Norm Schnnars, Agnes Schnaars (nee Scott) and Walter Scott
The Tea House, Waterfall Gully Road, Burnside, South Australia.

My cousin recently made me aware that he holds Agnes' recipe book.  The first couple of pages are pictured below.

The first page of Agnes Scott's recipe book.

It amused me to read in one of the recipes "heat over slow fire and stir".   

Unfortunately, I am not much of a cook (my husband does the cooking in this house) but it is my goal to prepare every recipe in the book in the coming weeks/months.    I hope to share them with you.

William Adam Bisset Scot, Allan Scott, Agnes Scott, Walter Scott, Donald Scott
William and Agnes Scott and Family - Approx 1916
Children - Allan, Donald (at back) , Walter (at front), Agnes

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